Within the Advance Performance team we have some 300 years under our belts in developing and running assessment centres and development centres! This is combined with demonstrable line responsibility, which means that we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the best possible observations to support your decision making, whether that be for development or recruitment purposes.
Developing Existing Staff
Using development centres to take stock and objectively identify advancement needs in light of a new strategy or direction or simply as part of a talent audit.  The outcomes will be a clear understanding of the individuals’ future potential, current strengths and development needs. which can be addressed, and their future potential.
Recruitment As An Opportunity
A vacancy is an opportunity to build the strength of the future organisation.  The majority of companies and organisations use interviews as their main recruitment tool. However, research shows that using assessment centres tailored to the role and the organisation with experienced assessors delivers far better results and are a significantly more accurate predictor of success. (Mike Smith - UMIST).
Making Assessment Centres work for you
Assessment Centres offer a two way process:
An opportunity for the candidate to find out about the role they’re applying for and the organisation they’re applying to.  This helps them make an informed choice and become productive more quickly.  
An objective view of the candidates’ skills and the chance for the organisation to compare these with the key competencies required for the role and the culture of the organisation.  
For the organisation, Assessment Centres also:
Minimise the risk of costly and disruptive recruitment ‘mistakes’
Provide the basis for a new employee’s development plan, so induction support can be tailored and development begin immediately
Optimise objectivity in the decision making process
Minimise the risk of unfair process claims from the candidate
Offers the opportunity to neutrally and objectively compare internal and external candidates
Demonstrates the importance the organisation places on its people and delivers a higher rate of role acceptance
We can work with you to:
Develop specific assessment centre materials that meet your organisation’s needs
To develop an assessment centre for a particular role and provide assessors
Provide a facilitator for an assessment event
Provide training to develop your in-house capability