Our executive coaching is designed to help the individual gain greater confidence, build skills and overcome barriers to improve their own and their team’s performance.  We passionately believe that individuals achieve performance beyond that which they imagined possible when inspired with clarity of vision and when they are supported to build on their greatest strengths and encouraged and enthused to drive onwards.
Recent coaching assignments include working with CEO’s, VP’s and Senior Managers  in a number of blue-chip organisations within Medical, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Research and Manufacturing functions across three continents.  Areas of focus have included:
Working with board members to determine the strategic direction of the organisation and then providing executive coaching to support communication and execution of the transformation
Honing the leadership skills and enhancing specific behaviours of the coachee
Strategy development, creating a vision and engendering buy-in within the team
Business acumen and commercial understanding of a technical expert moved into a business-facing role
Ability to inspire trust and commitment to action
Supporting newly appointed function heads to quickly become productive in their new division/organisation
Results are frequently dramatic and can have significant financial impact on an organisation’s bottom line.  Many values-based organisations employ coaching to build alignment, develop current and future leaders and ensure the success of culture change and corporate training programs.  In our view there are no ‘one size fits all’ formulas.  Each development need is unique and requires a bespoke approach; therefore we work closely with you to determine which of our team’s style best supports the individual’s needs.  
We build from individual’s strengths and use these to deliver long-term behavioural change and enhanced performance.  We facilitate them setting goals to measure their progress; we question and challenge their thinking and their preferred approach in a supportive manner, providing feedback, perspective and encouragement.  
We have an internal coaching support and supervision framework and are able to offer coaching supervision for those clients with a bank of in-house coaches.   Supervision provides the professional support and continuous development for a coach in their work.  It monitors the coach’s work with the coachee and ensures their well being, whilst strengthening the link between coaching and the contribution to the achievement of the overall business strategy.